Rallito de Sol

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Our first project is „Rallito del Sol“

– little rays of sun

Rallito del Sol was started by Rebecca Yuma, a young Dominican woman. She is a trained and passionate teacher. In 2019, the schools were largely closed due to a pandemic in the DR. There were many students who couldn’t go to school and needed help with their studies. Rebecca quickly cleared her private house and took in and looked after students there. The 3 students quickly grew to over 70.

Rebecca came into contact with us through another friend. Her vision is to turn Rallito del Sol into a real school and we want to help her with that.

At the moment, Rallito del Sol is a school day nursery.

The first step is to convert the house so that there are 4-5 classrooms. Then equip these classrooms with benches, tables, blackboards and fans so that the children have a place where they can study and follow the lessons.

In the next step, Rebecca will then be able to register and license her debt with the Dominican state. From then on it is considered a public, recognized school.

We would like to support Haitian children in this school and are looking for sponsors for these children who will pay the school fees.


Rebecca believes it’s critical that every child can read and write and wants to provide that education to all children. Not all parents can afford private school and some don’t have the necessary papers to attend the public schools. 


Public schools in the DR are free for people with Dominican citizenship. However, many Haitians are refugees fleeing extreme poverty in Haiti. They are illegal in the country, so they have no papers or no place to live for themselves or their children. Without papers, you cannot send your child to public school. Most Haitian jobs are 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. The salary is around USD 200 per month. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to private school or even pay a small amount for it.

The monthly fee of a full day of school including lunch is 30 USD.

The monthly fee of a half day of school is 10  USD excluding lunch.

We would like to give them an opportunity to get an education anyway and are looking for people who sponsor children for one school year each.